How To Never Have Bad Breath Again


No one wants to hear that they have bad breath, but what’s even worse is not knowing. We all know what it’s like smelling someone’s bad breath. It doesn’t matter what that person is saying, they could be telling you the meaning of life for all you care, the only thing you can pay attention to is the foul odor emanating from their mouth with every word. This is why bad breath can ruin existing relationships and prevent new ones from forming. It’s tough to fault somebody who spurns someone with bad breath. The smell can be awful and no one should have to subject themselves to that. But if you are the one with bad breath, as we all have been at one time or another, there are easy steps that you can take to alleviate the situation.

  1. Brush and Floss After Meals
    Bad breath is often caused by poor dental hygiene. When food debris is not cleaned from your teeth, bacteria feeds on it and begins to grow in your mouth, causing a foul odor. Brushing and flossing after meals is a great way to prevent food debris from becoming a problem, and that simple habit can prevent cavities and gum disease, which can accelerate your bad breath problem.
  2. Take Care of Cavities and Gum Disease
    Once you have a cavity or a gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis, your breath can quickly go from bad to worse. In the case of cavities, this is because bacteria can build up in the hole in your tooth, making it impossible to reach and impossible to deal with, aside from coming in for a cleaning and filling. In the case of gum disease, bacteria feeds on proteins from bleeding gums and diseased oral tissue and grows. Tooth decay and ill-fitting dentures also aggravate bad breath.
  3. Stay Hydrated
    A dry mouth is the perfect environment for the formation of bad-breath causing bacteria. Saliva cleans your mouth, washing away odor-causing bacteria from your teeth, tongue and gums. Dry mouth caused by the lack of salivary production while sleeping is the cause for “morning breath.” This is also a reason why smoking and drinking alcohol cause bad breath. Drinking plenty of water is crucial to preventing bad breath for this reason. Using a mouthwash designed for bad breath, such as Biotene, which we carry at our office, can be a great solution for those who suffer from chronic dry mouth.
  4. Chew Something
    Chewing sugarless gum or eating crispy fruits or vegetables such as carrots, celery or apples stimulates saliva flow which is integral in the fight against bad breath. That is why any type of sugarless gum, not just mint-flavored, can fight bad breath. It is all about getting the saliva to flow and fight bacteria. If your mouth feels dry, that is a sign that you might have bad breath.

In rare cases, bad breath can be a sign of larger health concerns in the body, but 90% of cases of bad breath are caused by bacteria in the mouth, which is good news, because now you know how to fight that nasty bacteria! Clean those teeth, come in for regular check-ups, and keep your mouth from getting dry and you should have no concerns about bad breath!


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